November 25th, 2015
Just this breath.
Just this moment.
One wave at a time;
here & now.
Whole galaxy flowing
in the spark of your eye.
A woman from the stars,
a man of Gaia.
Smelling infinite freedom in the air;
Pure sweetness, the sand, the ocean…
Watching the ever-changing;
such a perfect rhythm.
Amazed to be living the dreams.
Giving birth to new dreams to be lived.
One by one.
Sudden glimpse of the turquoise.
Divine light in your eyes; a seagull’s calling.
Waking up to who we are.
Bewildering beauty of the soul.
Just this moment –
worth a thousand lifetimes…
Walking on sunshine;
dancing my name with the wave.




Vicki Flaherty
25.11.2015 17:12

Jana, so beautiful. I am going to reblog this on Mostly My Heart Sings this week! From the sounds of it, you had a lovely vacation with your daughter and at the sea! I look forward to connecting by voice soon! Vicki

27.11.2015 21:14

Thank you so much Vicki. Yes, the place is truly magical...always makes my heart sing :-)