Dream Big

Dare to dream bigger, create your world

Ever since I remember I have been a passionate dreamer and over time active dreaming has become an integral part of my life. My dreaming practice have saved my life. It has also dramatically improved its quality. Dreaming helped me to travel to dimensions beyond our reality and bring back insights, inspiration, and healing. It showed me alternatives when I struggled to find a way out of a difficult situation. It warned me about potential danger, trap or disease, relevant either to me or to the lives of others. It inspired me to pursue some of my soul's deepest desires... Sometimes it went as far as predicting precise flow of events 10 years before they came into actualization! Last but not least, thanks to lucid dreaming I was able to understood the true nature of the so called reality and my true purpose that reaches way beyond the goals of my ordinary ego self.

I know what you might be thinking… “My dreams are not as epic.” But hold on, there is enormous potential value. If you choose to unleash the power hidden within your dreamspace, you may be rewarded with true jewels!

I was also lucky to have met people who generously shared their own life-long experiences with me and provided encouragement to proceed in carrying my gifts out into the world. Now I feel inspired to pass it on..! Let me help you learn how to leverage this everflowing fountain of wisdom that's dormant inside you. You can dive deeper at janamitzoda.com/dreamwork/.

Creative Dreaming workshops

How are you dreaming? Do you use full potential of your dreams to feel happy, be healthy and surf life's waves in your own style? Would you like to learn how to apply all the wisdom & energy from dreams in your daily life? Come join Creative dreaming sessions!

On Creative Dreaming workshops you'll join a safe circle of like minded souls, people who - just like you - are open to find new paths in order to discover more joy, presence and purpose in their life. We'll generate energy and create a sacred space together. We'll set intentions for our dreams of the night and of life. Lets use guided meditation and music to tap into the power that's within each of us. Creative dreaming opens new possibilities to re-connect to our soul. These workshops will help you better understand your experience from the night sleep and to open up to the energy, insight and guidance that your dreams offer for your day-to-day life. You have all the necessary resources inside of you - it's time to embrace them and practice! Lets explore how to leverage our dreams to sneak-peak into the future. You'll enhance your intuitive abilities and the invisible connection between you and those around you. We'll inspire you with simple tools on how to access the vast potential of your own wisdom and bring its gifts to the surface within your daily life... Come to explore your potential future to find out a path worth pursuing. 

Each workshop is uniquelly designed for people interested in dreamwork and shamanic journeying into other realms for guidance, healing and personal growth. Come to find out how dreamers can support each other, and by deep listening and open sharing, become an authentic communicator and lay foundations for friendship that may last for decades.

Lets tap into the fountain of ever-flowing wisdom, flow and creativity together!

Individual Dream coaching 1:1

Are you suffering from nightmares? Do you experience repeating dreams that make no sense, however, they seem to carry a strong emotinal charge? Have you ever woken up inside a dream and realized you can do or change whatever you wish with just a pure thought? Is it possible to set off on a lucid dream quest without falling asleep? How could you benefit from these skills?

Dream coaching is an effective way to help YOU on a 1:1 basis:

- to deal with issues in your life that manifest in your repeating dreams
- to create a greater vision for your life
- to explore how you create your own world using your energy and focus
- to have fun and experience adventures
- to re-enter a dream to resolve a nightmare
- to claim your gifts and strengths
- to leverage ancient methods of lucid journeying
- to dream (and live!) more intentionally

You can travel to realms beyond time - to “meet” your future self or to visit beloved ones who have passed away. You may enter brand new dreamscapes and find imagery that can give you clues about how to live a fuller, richer life… the life your soul desires.

Learn to dream with intention, capture the insights, ground them with an inspired action and bring the calling from your dreams to life!

I invite you to dive deep into dreamwork on a more personal 1:1 basis. Lets enter worlds beyond the visible, a space from where you can connect with your soul to better understand who you are, where you came from and what your life purpose is.

In many dream coaching sessions Jana has opened up new ways to look into my dreams for me. She has helped me reveal messages and insights in a very sensitive and empathic way. She has a widespread view on details that I often miss to notice. Her intuitive access to the information that dreams contain helped me to unfold the deeper meanings of my dreams.

It is always been eye-opening for me and has given me new perspectives to view the information that the dreams provide. Thank you Jana!