Energy flows where your attention goes

December 1st, 2016

As long as we are alive energy is all present – around andwithin us.

Raising energy in ourselves is no rocket science. All we need is focus and intention to allow its natural flow… In the end it boils down to one thing – our habits. And I don’t just mean whether we smoke, drink or spend way too much time in front of a screen. It’s all the little things that we do (or don’t do) during a day that count.

How does your day typically start? What are your first thoughts upon waking up?

Do you take time to nourish yourself and start on a positive note? Or you postpone the alarm and end up rushing through the morning?

Is there time for exercise, your passions and friends or is your schedule not counting those in..?

How do you like to end your day? And what about your dreams?

We underestimate how much freedom there actually is to choose our own way of spending a day. But… how we spend it eventually determines our life.

It’s as simple as this:

The most important creative project you have is your own life.

Just like any creative project it needs focus and energy…

Your energy flows where your attention goes.

That’s Surf life project in a nutshell.

During the 100 days of Surf life we use our mind and body to raise awareness of our habits… We are growing the ability to focus and anchor our attention on the present moment. The ultimate aim is to use full potential of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy to do what we came here for.

Be present. Raise the energy. Live our purpose.

Since we’ve started the project three weeks ago we’ve been practicing mindfulness and crafting clear intentions. We’ve been nourishing and moving our bodies in a way that creates more energy and supports well-being.

We’ve relaxed and dropped deep within on one of the most energy raising and flow inducing places in the world – the island of Lanzarote. We connected to Earth and other elements of nature. We spent time in beautiful energetic places out of reach of the mobile and internet networks. We fully indulged in delicious plant based food and drinks to revitalize our whole system. We let water in all its forms cleanse us from clutter and help us reconnect to the ever flowing rhythm of life. We practiced yoga to tune our amazing bodies and feel the flow of energy inside us.

Then we set on a vision quest into the wilderness. We learned how to travel in dreams to bring back guidance, healing and insights that are useful for us and others. We immersed into sound vibrations to harmonize, balance and start resonating from within. We’ve been diving deeper into our intuition and noticed the value synchronicity brings to our life.

While surfing in the ocean and climbing volcano peaks we explored the limits we’ve set for ourselves and expanded far beyond them…

We learned how to connect with our wiser self.

We allowed time for reflection and daily gratitude.

We visualized the future potentials and became who we’re meant to be.

It took me years to learn these practices and even longer to discover that my purpose in this life is to share them with others. I met many wonderful people along the way and each has inspired me by their own life story.

I also made countless mistakes – I mean, my hair turned silver before I started surfing my life..! You can save yours :)

Now that you have a unique chance to join me in a small team– you can surf life too.

How much is living the life you want worth?

I’ve invested dozen times more exploring the answer…my take from all the search inside and outside?

As humans we are designed for a life that is meaningful, joyful and highly creative.

That’s how the Surf life project was born –I’ve taken the very best of what I’ve discovered and what has helped me to start living my dreams. Once we are aware of our purpose we need energy to realize our potentialto act on it. That generates the passion, that fire inside which ensures we wake up excited in the morning! When we connect to that force we may trust life’s flow and take it a day at a time to rock it…that is to say to“surf life”.

I know that YOU deserve to surf yours too!

We all do…

What are you waiting for?

Applications for May, 2017 are now open.

Lets help each other, nurture ourselves and reconnect tothe natural state of high energy and enthusiasm. We were all experiencing it as kids –trust me,You as well as me: we loved life; we moved more, laughed more and synced in with the rhythm of life’s waves.

Sadly enough, most of us lost that spark… We can’t change anything from the same place that has created it. All it takes is to start with those small choices. That’s where coaching comes handy – it can help you make the changes and move up your level of energy; shifting from depression, fear, or worry to experiencing calm, joy and creativity.

Are you ready to give yourself the permission slip?

I intend to keep the project team small so that we can have a quality time together.

Is something in you saying Yes tothis invitation?

Follow your intuition and contact me or enroll via Facebook.

Surf’s up!!






4.12.2016 02:26

What an amazing journey! Love your discoveries and the suggestions that arise from reading your post: tuning in to where our attention is focused, being at choice for how we spend the moments of our day...inspired to live even more intentionally. And, will now call the ever increasing hairs on my head 'silver' instead of gray. :)