Every day is Earth day

April 22nd, 2016


Where the world comes to surf life

is the place I am free to be me

each moment tuning in

aligning with who I truly am


In the mystic land of all elements

Feeling its power and freedom in each cell

Watching tiny butterflies

joyfully dancing despite a fearceful wind


I listen to the seagulls laughing

as my pores absorb the warm light

and graceful healing of mother Earth

Trusting my intuition and this moment


I feel at ease, at home everywhere

For my heart is the best meadow

The ocean offering her vibrant embrace

Unconditionally, like the sweetest dream lover


I gently touch her white water bubbling up

Smooth moving sand warming up my feet

I find myself smiling like a child

who's seen the miracle of life for the first time


It‘s always the right place and the right time

to drop deep inside reaching that sacred spot

that rests at peace, ready to unwind us anytime

It knows what to do, to have, to be…


Wide open to the infinite flow of magical beauty

and source of the delightful inspiration to create

we fly through this expanding universe

tied up only by the seatbelts of gravity


Forever dancing its rhythm as best we can

Learning to accept and surf life exactly as it is

Raising the vibrations by aligning with who we are

That’s all there is to do anyway – to caress the energy


And the mystery of a moment that’s evolving now

And now. And now...

What am I loving here?

And here..? And here?


Open for those who resonate to dance with us

co-dream, co-create, co-love the source coming through us

Time stops while we live each moment fully

Free of striving it all comes to us perfectly


When I feel whole – Gaia enhances my wholeness

hearing the music of spheres I indulge in herRhythm

All is part of me and I am part of all

All melting into one once I unite with my soul


The nature celebrates my energy using signs and magic

Impressing spiral of synchronicity accelerates

as the soul's intention penetrates the earthly life

Gaia’s party forever going on – grateful for being invited


adore her humor moving in the current

she likes to make me smile and laugh

Nothing is more important than this moment

My mission is to relax and be in it – Now


I smile into Sun breathing the freshness

floating inside ocean’s loving arms

Now is all there is







Vicki Flaherty
24.4.2016 01:54

Lovely, Jana! Lots of special lines...my fav: I feel at ease…at home…everywhere | For my heart is the best meadow...you make me smile! Thank YOU! V

24.4.2016 20:22

Yes, Vicki, so often I've been searching for the love, peace or comfort outside of myself...not realizing I always have it at my fingertips. Might be far too simple for the rational mind I guess ;-) It's often Nature that helps me reconnect and arrive at the meadow we each carry inside.