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September 29th, 2013

I created this site for anyone who is ready to lead their personal energy and use the full power of its flow for a more balanced and fulfilled life. The purpose of my blog is to serve as a source of encouragement and inspiration to take charge of our personal energy.

Ever wondered how to deal with an energy drop, emotional setback, never-ending thoughts chain or lack of life purpose? Missing enough energy to do what you desire? Failed to leverage your flow or find an optimal personal rhythm to live your specific life in its uniqueness?
If these sound familiar continue reading!

With the right energy, focus and balance it is easier to identify what we want and why it might be important for us. We can raise our energy levels and live a more conscious life. We then start to see our life as a unique work of art and live the best possible version of it.

It was only after I experienced extremes that I started to appreciate energy balance. Only after accepting both polarities I could settle in the middle and feel the power of life within a “golden mean”. Tuning my own life energy reflected well on my body, my mood, the quality of my relationships, state of my mind and creative joy of my soul.

Why does this matter? I believe that the only way to change our life is by being aware of our energy and changing outdated habits. Therefore I am sharing real lessons, tips, habits & reflections we may practice to become more fit in the key aspects of our life – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

We already are the energy leaders of our lives. And as we are influencing each other we are (consciously or unconsciously) leading others as well. Life energy happens to be our main leadership tool. I intend to use some of mine to inspire you to take care of yourself and discover what your personal Life energy in practice looks like!

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9.10.2013 15:56

Glad to see this very interesting topic! Thank you!