Here is to Surf Life!

May 10th, 2016

We are taught lots of things but learning to be is not the kind of training most of us have ever received; yet it is the most important training of all learning how to be deeply attentive and engaged with our very own life.

It’s been 3 years since I rode my first wave and allowed myself to start surfing life, letting go of others’ expectations, and listening to my own heart and soul instead. Since that time I’ve been inspired to share my journey with you through blogging about personal energy, living authentically in the present moment, finding one’s sweet spot and acting on life’s purpose.

Today I’m thrilled to invite you into my new experiential program called Surf Life!

Surf Life is 100 day long program to help you to reinvent your life by embracing Your strengths, befriending Your purpose, leading Your energy and designing Your own way of living in the sweet spot. Surf Life is about allowing the life force that is constantly flowing through the space–available for everything we do in life – to naturally come through youas well supporting your optimal state i.e.being physically fit, emotionally balanced, mentally sharp, and spiritually grounded.

Just take a moment to watch kids – how they’re in love with life in all its expressions, how they laugh, learn, move, breathe…it’s literally inspiring (lat. inspiraremeans to breathe into!). Children naturally surf life. And you did too. Take a moment to remember. As a child you didn’t hold onto anything nor did you push away experiences. You breathed life! It’s only when we adopt all the false beliefs about life being hard and the need to compete, that we disconnect from being present and loosecontact with that preciousenergy, ruminating about past or worrying regarding potential future.

Of course, there is no magic formula but there are some fundamental practices which, when combined with sharingin a team of other soul mates, deep work, coaching and lots of fun by the ocean, enable you to surf your life again with more joy, ease and a clear sense of purpose.

As a coach I get to help many people work on their thoughts, behaviors and habits to unleash their soul’s desires, discover what makes them come alive and figure out how to act on their life’s purpose.

Now I am really excited to bring all my expertise together and support YOU in finding your own way to feel energized and surf life that is authentic, engages your unique potential and inspires you to passionately follow your calling.

I know what kind of a ripple effect every single person who allows themselves to surf life has and You can be the one inspiring those around you too, because once you tune into your creative flow you’ll naturally enrich lives of others.

It all boils down to learning to raise our energy level, access a state of embodied flow to live in sync with the rhythms of life, noticing the waves of our thoughts, emotions and physical sensations while feeling a deep sense of interconnection with everything that surrounds us including other people who, of course, are on their own journey.

I see surfing as the best metaphor for our whole life in order to enjoy it one has to tune into the flow of the ocean, to unlock its full power one needs to sync with each wave’s rhythm; and lastly, to keep balance and enjoy the ride we have to stay in motion dancing each wave in its uniqueness.

3 years ago a dream of mine came true: I found a breathtaking beach on the coast of Atlantic suitable for someone like me who was stressed, overworked, unhealthy and knew nothing about surfing… and what I experienced there exceeded my wildest expectations. Not only was I impressed by the striking beauty and magic of this wonderful island but I was awed by the special sense of freedom and possibility that seems to be Lanzarote’s signature.

I’ve visited the island 6 times since then; each time moving deeper in my personal transformation, getting rid of useless clutter and connecting more closely to my core purpose. It has been extraordinary in so many ways, that I can’t resist the inner calling to create a similar opportunity for you too!

Surf Life is my personal invitation to spend some time breathing Lanzarote air together and learning how to best surf your own life; this will be hosted by me, supported by a small team and accompanied by a few selected other participants. Lasting changes require support in order to stick and shifting our old habits (which might have taken years to develop!) is easier when someone has our back.

This November we can enjoy all the things I love most about the island together diving into the ocean and our soul, meditation and yoga in a fantastic nature, natural spa and mysterious volcanos, dream work andinner game coaching, nourishing food and camaraderie. I hope this gives you the flavor… but most of all, we’ll surf life, remember?

If visiting Lanzarote has been one of your dreams, or even if the thought is brand new to you, I invite you to join me and a few like-minded souls on this adventure to explore one of the most flow-inducing and mind-expanding places in the world.

I’m inviting you to come to this magical island on a retreat to relax and grow; to have a great time letting the nature help you re-connect with yourself and all that truly matters for you; to learn how to transform your life from the inside out…

We’ll spend the entire first week of the 100 days Surf Life program staying in a beautiful home, finding out what surfing life means in your particular case and what you can do to infuse it into your daily reality. After this intense week you’ll leave the island with a clear view onliving with purpose and a system that can make it your new reality. In the remaining 3 months of the program you’ll be supported to take steps to put your own Surf Life in place, implement changes and adjust your life as appropriate.

Are you ready to live with a clear purpose, more connection, creativity and flow?

Do you wish to craft fulfilling projects and manifest your most heartfelt dreams?

Would you like to make your life even more amazing figuring out what’s really important for YOU, what your soul is longing for, and start excelling at your purpose from the sweet spot?

That’s what Surf Life is all about.

Travel, on its own, is mind-expanding and inspiring, but when you add to the mix coaching, beautiful nature, group meditations, deep discussions, energy & dream work in an amazing team of passionate people, nothing compares!

I don’t care how old or young you are – you are the perfect age to Surf Life right now. You will never be this age again, so make the most out of it and enjoy your life to the fullest. Energize yourself with this hands-on experience that will help you reconnect with your soul, find your purpose, tap into what really matters to you, transform the way you think about your life and catch more exciting waves! Find friends for life and build trusted connection with people who can help you along your journey. Surf Life assumes a lot of work on your part, but there’ll be things to sweeten it up for you… and I don’t only mean delicious smoothies ;)

Surf Life is open for application today!

If you’re interested, reach out for more information NOW. Our home has a limited capacity.

I sense this trip will be dream-like and those 100 days may truly change the course of our lives…

Here is to Surf Life!