Imagine life as an ocean

July 21st, 2016

Close your eyes and just imagine… waking up three months from now when the winter chill in November is starting to give you a preview of what is ahead…and imagine finding yourself in a sunny, jaw-dropping beautiful, Lanzarote.

You are sitting there with a fresh smoothie in your hand…you smile towards the sun and over a mouthwatering breakfast table you high five an awesome group of new friends…

You share dreams, jokes and ideas. You set an intention for the day (or for life!).

You meditate, do yoga together or go for a walk to the cliffs to greet the ocean and breathe in some of its breezy healing-ionts goodness.

Wherever you are, you feel how nature loves you back…happy to support you in soaking its amazing energy like a sponge… tuning up your body and mind, exploring the island’s magic while going deep inside to connect to your soul’s genuine purpose.

Who knows what comes next?

You may get into the flow of catching cool waves on a board, or deeply ground yourself by climbing a mysterious volcano; or simply chill-out in a spa…

You flow with it surfing life moment by moment.

What gifts are you going to bring back home?

Well – now that you found your own way of surfing the “waves” – you get to decide, my dear.

Lets spend a moment in a sweet meditation together

We’d miss you around that table!

Join us to surf on,





Vicki Flaherty
23.7.2016 03:01

Loved your video - you and butterflies definitely go together! Here's to surf life my friend!

23.7.2016 20:29

Nature needs no words :-) The butterfly wasn't planned for, he just popped up during shooting...perhaps to simplify my point on mindful living!