It's about time to catch the dream

August 28th, 2016
What German philosopher Eckhart realized back in the 13th century sounds true to me:
When the Soul wishes to experience something she throws out an image in front of her and then steps into it.
Dream Catcher
Would you rather stay where you are
With the image safely locked in mind
Tell me would it make you happy
Perhaps life would be easier
If you just take some sleeping pills
To cope with the slight urge
That’s keeping you up at night
Compelling you to act…
Or do you prefer to wake up
To write a more exciting story
Dancing at the edge of possible
And living a dream every day
Taking the risk of getting hurt
Being misunderstood
Loving more than others dare
Following dreams and gambling it all
For the mere possibility of connection
Flying high on wings of energy
Living a little grander and richer
Surprised in each moment
By what’s behind the turn
You have resisted to take
What if Now is the moment
To enjoy life’s waves
Instead of holding onto
The same old days
And simple ways
In which things happen
As they always did
Take the leap of faith
Open up your heart’s gates
Trust your inner wisdom
To take you amazing places
Your soul has been longing for
Where all the dreams come from
Is where we all met the first time
Allow the soul to make choices
About what your body experiences
In this intensely electric reality
As far from perfect as can be
A good friend once told me
A surfer goes where she looks
Where are you looking?
You can’t ignore the question
Building a hard shell to keep a distance
Slicing life like butter
Who you are is far grander
Than what you see in the mirror
Just stay a little longer
Look yourself in the eyes
And ask: Who am I, really
You may spot the spark
Impossible to forget…
Much deeper than you normally go
Drift to the core of who you are
Let your true nature be seen
Do you wish to survive or thrive?
Once you allow the magic to flow
The rest will take care of itself
As Vinc van Gogh once said
“I know nothing with certainty but
the sight of stars makes me dream”
Please don’t hold yourself back
In an attempt to be reasonable
In this quantum multiverse dream
The mind and ego are false guides
Listen to your heart and soul
Drop in to connect to the divine seed
That keeps growing inside
Each of us has it at our core
If only you weren’t afraid
To allow that gorgeous spark
Your ability to love deeply
The unique greatness
In you and anyone around
Come to light and shine
Soul is never confined to the body
Nor to linear time and space
It freely flies in dreams –
To future times, distant places…
Although it begs you to play bigger
It lets you drop anchor in a secure port
For the rest of your life just watching waves
Less adventure, little fulfillment, mild joy
Potentially regrets when you get older
Late realization: Now is all there is..!
Perceiving the true value life offered
Only when your journey reaches a cliff
I travelled with a dream catcher
To play with words the best I could
Now the ball is on your side
And it’s your turn to find a way
Over, under, around or through
The constraints of time and space…
For if soul’s dream is not followed
The world is deprived of a treasure.
It’s about time you step into yours…
P.S. Feel free to use a dream catcher or this meditation.




29.8.2016 02:48

Love the invitation, Jana! Is the name of your poem "Dream Catcher"? I love it.

29.8.2016 05:04

Thank you, Vicki! Cheers to the dream catchers :-)