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Journey to Dreamland


I invite you to take a journey to your Dreamland.

If you aren’t already meditating, this might be a sweet start.

And if you are, open up to have a new experience…


Create some quiet space, relax and

enjoy a few minutes travel with me.

Enjoy it once or 100 times.


How does this practice make you feel?

What does it bring up within you..?

What does it inspire you to do?


Dream big!

and bring back

gifts for yourself:




With love,



  1. Jana, thank you for sharing your gift with us. Your meditation was just what I needed to start my day from a more inspired place. I was amazed at what came up for me in just a short 5 minutes guided by your comforting voice (a mother’s voice). I saw how the child in me is most joyful when playing with others, that my desire to help others is core to my being, that the child Vicki lives within this woman’s body and is a powerful source of the aliveness I hunger for. Thank you.

    • Thanks, Vicki, I’m glad it inspired your day. You inspire so many of us every day. Aliveness, playfulness, creativity, care…are all part of your signature. I bet you’ve been nurturing that connection naturally since quite some time 😉

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