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Lets meet!


See the nearest events schedule & sign up here


Surf Life week:

April 2018 (Lanzarote)

June 2018 (Lanzarote)


Dream circle:

spring 2018 (CZ)


1:1 Coaching:

Dream coaching, Vision quests, and individual Surf life lite available upon request via email (mitzoda@gmail.com)


I look forward to surfing life with you!



  1. HI Jana,
    I would be keen to chat with you as i seek your assistance with a colleague in Brno that will be facilitating an event for our company Lufthansa.
    Are you available for a call?
    please do let me know

    • Hello,

      Thanks for reaching out, I’d be happy to talk.

      I’m available for a call this Thursday or Friday morning 9-11am.

      Looking forward to hear from you!


  2. HI Jana,

    Thank you for getting back to me
    Can we chat tomorrow morning at 10:00am?
    Kindly forward your number and I will call you 🙂

    thanks and best regards,

    • Hi Zoey,
      thanks for sharing the details, lets find out how I can best support your colleague!
      You can call my mobile +420731435664, I am free at 10:30am.
      Best regards,

  3. Before we do chat, maybe I can give you a very brief description of what I need. My colleague will be hosting an internal event in BRQ, and she requires some coaching lessons on how best to present to a crowd of people. She will begin the event with a talk show phase and she needs some tools in order to conduct this phase successfully …
    We can of course discuss this more in our call tomorrow.
    this was just to give you a brief overview …

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