New beginnings

December 31st, 2016

As we close this rather crazy “completion year”

~ numerology views 2016 as a 9 which means completion ~

I look forward to the infinite possibilities that the coming year

(and a new nine-year cycle!) has to offer.

Year 1 is about to start and

we all have a choice…

How to leverage the fresh energy?

Let me share the flavor I envision:


Playfulness over expectations

Authenticity over consistency

Free choice over old habits

Connection over relation.


Lightness rather than glitter

Inspiration rather than routine

Creating rather than consuming

Surfing life rather than fighting the tide.


Happy new beginnings !!





3.1.2017 16:56

I'm ready to surf life with you, my friend! What abundant deliciousness awaits us - here's to playfulness, authenticity, free choice, connection, lightness, inspiration and creativity in year 1! Love that we find ourselves here, on this planet, at this time, together.

4.1.2017 12:04

Infinitely grateful for getting to ride life's waves with you, Vicki! <3