On coaching & surfing

January 13th, 2016

As you consider what really matters to you and what you want to focus on this new year I hope you consider your big-dream goals that excite and perhaps even scare you a bit. It might be to finally get certified in your profession, start a business, write a book, move to a foreign country, or take a sabbatical leave to figure out what your dream actually is…

Whatever your dream is, do you ever find yourself wondering about the benefits and potential traps of having a coach? What’d be your particular top three principles when it comes to coaching?

I was recently invited to givea lecture on this topic within the Block of experts series at the Masaryk University. Those of you who have participated in any of my seminars already know that I prefer more of an interactive communication; for this reason I decided to turn the session into an experiential workshop.

Well… I am excited to tell you this was an amazing session with close to a hundred highly engaged young people. They were not only very open to learn but also eager to experiment together. Based on their feedback they enjoyed the #mindfulminute meditation and during a practice that followed they were impressed by how great it felt when someone is deeply listening to what is said, holding the space for our own thinking process. Later they were surprised how much insight one gets by noticing people’s body language. As for me, I guess I have never heard so many great open questions in such a short amount of time from an audience that only just came together :)

@KISK students, you simply rock!


For the rest of the readers, you might enjoy this infographics done by one of the participating students. And for those of you Czech speakers, there is also a follow-up interview in which I shared a bit more about another passion of mine – surfing. You can check it out here. Let me know your take on coaching, I look forward to hearing from you:

Do you have any experience with coaching and what would YOU expect from a good coach?

Based on what criteria would you decide with whom to partner?

What would you do if you weren’t doing what you’re doing?


Here’s to surfing life in 2016 and beyond!





Vicki Flaherty
16.1.2016 01:19

Oh, how I wish I could have been there...sounds like a powerful way of making real some of the core values of a great coaching relationship...holding space and deeply listening...it's going to be an amazing year, my friend!

16.1.2016 06:27

Oh, you would enjoy the energy of this group, Vicki! They were so open, so curious and interactive... Whenever I happen to work with such student groups I tend to believe the education system is changing for the better - encouraging the young generation to ask, to experiment and to challenge us and our "good old ways" :-)
Here is to the many amazing years ahead!