March 22nd, 2016


Once upon a dream
Flying far out to space
Earth no longer visible
Stars’ magic around


Stopped and hanging
right on the verge
between Light & Dark
warm & cold


In ultimate silence
charged with possibilities
Balancing a line so thin
holding my breath in awe


Peaking in left then right
Even a slight move
shifts all the tangible
Dancing at the edge


Directly experiencing
all senses alive
what has only been
conceptualized before


Dark & Light
both are available
all of the time –
a matter of choice


Choosing love



Vicki Flaherty
24.3.2016 14:29

Choosing love, too. Beautiful poem. And I love the invitation to, in each moment, be at choice for my thoughts, words or actions. I am grateful for YOU in the world, Jana. (And, of course, SPRING! ;])

25.3.2016 14:37

Noone I know embodies loving kindness within all aspects of their life the way You do, Vicki!
Just thinking of you makes me smile in gratitude... I agree, spring time makes it easier to choose love and shift our focus into the light side. Here is to surfing this delicious energy wave together :-)

1.4.2016 13:37

Lovely poem Jana. I do strongly believe in matter of choice, too. It just reminded me of A. Lincoln saying that "We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses". Regards

1.4.2016 16:11

Beautiful quote, Marina, thank you for sharing! Isn't it amazing to be always free to choose at the very least our perspective on any situation..?
Lets rejoice :-)