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Surf life ~ Dream retreat

Happy Easter, folks!

I’d like to invite you to give yourself a gift this spring: to love yourself, to realize your purpose and start “surfing the waves” of your life with more clarity, ease and joy.

Drawing from my experience in the start-up and corporate sphere as well as the challenges I faced in my personal life I’m excited to facilitate a week long Dream retreat to help you design a life that is full of energy, meaning and connection.

When is Surf Life ~ Dream retreat taking place?

  • 3 – 10 May, 2017

How does it work?

  • During the 8 days Dream retreat surrounded by a small team on wonderful island of Lanzarote we open up our mind, tune in our body, warm up our heart, listen to our soul and connect to something bigger than us that infuses everything – spirit, God, tao, divine source, universal flow or whatever else you like to call it. We open up to experience this energy flowing in ourselves and learn to act in sync with it. As we can’t change anything from the energy level that created it, during the whole retreat we enjoy high vibrational food to tune up our energy.
  • After the retreat you have an option to continue with coaching & mutual peer support to nurture your flow and keep on “surfing life” in your own way.

What can I expect from it?

  1. The 8-day Dream retreat provides plenty of time to relax, learn and have fun with others as well as reflect alone. Previous participants loved connecting to their inner wisdom through meditation in nature, and learning how to better understand their dreams and follow their intuition. Some even said that it has been the best week of their life..!
  2. The retreat includes a taste of sound healing, surfing, a day long vision quest on the pristine island of La Graciosa to identify your sweet spot, and apply full potential towards your purpose, as well as a unique Surf Life party that’s unlike any you have ever joined!
  3. Daily mindfulness practice: meditation, yoga and conscious movement to reconnect with yourself, sync with life’s rhythm, live in the present, raise your energy and enjoy more flow.
  4. Creative dreaming: workshops and daily dreamwork sessions which will show you how to understand your dreams and apply the energy, wisdom & guidance from your nighttime during daytime, navigate by intuition, and leverage synchronicity.
  5. Coaching to help you to reconnect to your natural state of high energy, to move up from worry to joy, to set on a path of mindful living that resonates with who you are, and that enables you to fulfill your purpose.
  6. Group sessions to rejuvenate, share, have fun, and dive deep into what Surf Life means specifically for you. Caution: this may include some soul talking beneath the stars 🙂

Is Surf Life ~ Dream retreat for YOU?

  • Do you want to relax, simplify your life and enjoy living in the present moment?
  • Would you like to know your purpose and have the energy to fulfill it?
  • Are you interested to discover new ways to live in your sweet spot?
  • Are you on crossroads and need more clarity to decide what to do next in your life, career, relationship, health, or creative project?
  • Do you desire to craft your personal vision, act on your purpose and “surf life’s waves” with more ease, joy and connection?
  • Are you open to change outdated habits, prevent regrets & leave a legacy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this retreat is for you.

How much vacation do I need to join?

  • All you need is a single week of vacation on 3 – 10 May, 2017.

You’ll immerse into new practices, tune up your energy, expand your limits and design how you’d like to surf life each day. You’ll create a clear vision on how to bring the experience from the Dream retreat into your day to day life. This week will help you shift your perspective about what’s possible and how You desire to surf life. The friendship and inspiration built in the retreat continue beyond the program and often lead to life-long relationships.

How much does it cost and what’s included?

  • The price includes accommodation in a beautiful rural retreat house, all inclusive high vibrational meals, drinks, transport from and to Lanzarote airport plus across the island during the whole retreat, fees for all group activities, facilitation and individual coaching.

What if I don’t surf or I am not fit?

  • Don’t worry – you don’t have to be a surfer to join. Surf life is not as much about surfing as it is about YOU and how you wish to live!

Actually, you only need a basic fitness level in order to be able to enjoy the Surf life ~ Dream retreat. You’ll learn, practice and choose what works best for you. We’ll flexibly adjust to your conditions to “surf each day” with joy, ease, health and sense of purpose. And in case surfing is on your wish list, you’ll be guided by the best coaches.

Would you like to join us?

Contact me at mitzoda@gmail.com for further details.

YOU deserve to surf life!

We all do…


With love,



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