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Why is coaching healthy for leaders?

When I’m asked about my favorite leadership task, coaching tops my list and today I’ll tell you why. A few years ago, while performing a demanding leadership role, I started wondering – why is it that of all the activities coaching tends to leave me so energized and inspired? I enjoy both coaching as...

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Playing the Energy Game Inside-out

What is your energy like right now? What about the balance you are experiencing between achievement and satisfaction? How much of your attention is focused on the world outside compared to the world within? Are you mostly focused on doing, having or being? If you are not sure about your answers,...

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5 Fundamentals of Energy & Enthusiasm

After I wrote about the 7-levels-of-energy I’ve had quite a busy month at work which brought my attention back to the fundamentals. I’ve also had many profound conversations with people who took the challenge to recognize their average level of energy. It is a bit sad but not too surprising that...

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7 Levels of Energy

OK, so you are tired. You lack energy or passion. You might be sick, discontent, obese, apathetic, stressed, emotionally volatile or just find it hard to focus. Maybe you are upset about someone or something draining your energy. In the worst case you lost hope that things will ever get...

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10 Lessons from 100 days of Nowness

Wait. What Nowness? Let me explain. The past 100 days of my life have been an experiment with being fully present i.e. in the Now. As you can imagine staying really present is never easy and I was often drifting either to the past (bad memories, conflicts or other uncomfortable...

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Welcome to Life Energy in Practice!

A new site for anyone who is ready to lead their personal energy and use the full power of its flow for a more balanced and fulfilled life. The purpose of Life Energy in Practice is to serve as a source of encouragement and inspiration to take charge of our...

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