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Surf life ~ Dream retreat

Happy Easter, folks! I’d like to invite you to give yourself a gift this spring: to love yourself, to realize your purpose and start “surfing the waves” of your life with more clarity, ease and joy. Drawing from my experience in the start-up and corporate sphere as well as the challenges I faced in...

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Energy flows where your attention goes

As long as we are alive energy is all present – around and within us. Raising energy in ourselves is no rocket science. All we need is focus and intention to allow its natural flow… In the end it boils down to one thing – our habits. And I don’t just mean whether...

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Imagine life as an ocean

Close your eyes and just imagine… waking up three months from now when the winter chill in November is starting to give you a preview of what is ahead…and imagine finding yourself in a sunny, jaw-dropping beautiful, Lanzarote. You are sitting there with a fresh smoothie in your hand…you smile towards...

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From a rocking chair

My grand-aunt, who happens to be absolutely amazing, recently turned 96. This lady remains a wealth of wisdom, and listening to her many stories, and witnessing her awesome attitude, has always been a real blessing for me. The older I get the more curious I become…so last time we spoke I asked her: What’s the...

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