Temporary insanity

January 21st, 2016


Temporary insanity

No need for food or sleep

Flooded by childlike joy

Everything flows effortlessly

If I allow…


A long buried excitement

To dive in love

To play

To sing

And dance my name


Dream and create

So natural together

When did I become so serious?

Angels fly because

they take themselves lightly.


Seeing life from high enough

Nothing but a big laugh

Fabulous stand-up comedy

Shouting thank-you to the universe

For free choice at its buffet.


Flash of fear. Or excitement without breath?

Sun and sea dissolves my worry

Curing the wounds one by one

Relaxing into it I surf life

Loving the source inside.


Blessed with so much life

Running through my veins

Inspired as never before

Bathing in this amazing energy

Soaking it in I nurture all…


With love,






Vicki Flaherty
23.1.2016 04:20

Oooh! I enjoyed those moments with you ... temporary insanity looks pretty good the way you paint it! Especially love this: "Flooded by childlike joy / Everything flows effortlessly / If I allow…" Ah, if I allow...Thank you for sharing your art with us, Jana!

23.1.2016 22:07

Hi Vicki,
So glad you joined me in that state even if only temporarily :-) because trying to drag the world behind us can be exhausting...and learning to allow (as impossible as it sometimes seems) reduces our stress, or any other pain we may be experiencing. The ocean has been my best teacher..!