Waves of the inner game

January 31st, 2017

Are you aware there are two games being played out every moment of your life? The outer game you play in the world while going to work, performing your daily tasks, taking care of others, trying to be someone ordo something…All that is important, but not my point today.

While you play these roles there is another much deeper game going on inside you. Invisibly. There is the inner game – your thoughts, the inner dialog, your beliefs, the emotional roller coaster, the physical sensations in your body and all the perceptions you are getting through your senses and intuition – all the time.

These two games are affecting the way you ride the waves of your life. Non-stop. Leading your focus, motivating your actions, telling you what you should and shouldn’t, what’s “good” or “bad”.

Do you ever feel like you cannot change much, you aren’t talented enough, you’re just a small wheel in a big machinery or as if life is simply happening to you? You might be giving up your ability to respond in a different way or spending your life waiting for someone (a guru, an expert or your mother) to provide you with the perfect solution.

Lets face it: nothing’s going to happen. There is no magic formula. No one size fits all. And most importantly, you are your own best guru!

Shifting our attention from the default focus on the outer game to our inner game is where the real discovery and adventure begins.

The only place we can control lies within. So nail your life’s intention and start from the inside out. Everyone of us is the expert and can take initiative to lead their desired life finding any support they need. No matter how small your action is, the point is we shape our life by choosing what we want to believe, think, say and do.

I am where I am. Is it perfect? Oh, far from it. Can I lead my energy spiral up? Almost always! What it takes is for me to choose to choose. I have only one mindful choice to make in each moment. To feel a little better or a little worse. Remember the Matrix movie? Countless times a day we are choosing the color of our pill…

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Ask yourself:

Will what I’m about to think, say or do make me feel good about myself?

If the answer is no, explore further: what might create better energy?

I invite you to surf the waves of your inner game today. You may have realized that seeking happiness outside you never quite succeeded for long. You know that happiness is a by-product not the goal in itself.

Start right now. Just relax into being yourself. Take responsibility for your current state, your mood, your energy; whatever it is. Grant yourself the luxury to just be. Notice whatever is and just be with it. Reflect for a moment on what you are experiencing as well as what you are getting from your choices or habits. Craving a coffee or something sweet? Maybe you feel the urge to check your phone or drift off on facebook..?

Instead of seeking for external sources of short pleasure (oh, sweet dopamine!) take a moment to connect to your heart:

What gives you a deep sense of fulfilment? What one thing you can give some energy that would be meaningful? What would be a loving choice right now?

Take note of anything that comes. You may think of someone, something, some place. Or you may experience just being deeply in touch with the unfolding moment, everything that’s going on inside you, and all the beauty around that unconditionally waits for you to notice.

Spirituality for me means just that. To be aware of the present and live in line with my purpose. In other words – being connected to my divine essence while seeing the same spark of divinity in others; be it a person, an animal, a flower, ocean, a stone… It means leading a joyful life feeling energized to act on my purpose. To do the things I came here for. To learn. To enjoy. To use what I’ve got in order to create something that makes sense to me and benefits the world.

The inner game also invites you to get in touch with your values, because not knowing what really matters to you, you never quite feel like youre living the life you really want, do you?

So take a moment to imagine a life of Your dreams…

I see inspiration, deep purpose, freedom, joy, creativity…

I mean, those were my values.

Tell me about yours!

With love,





4.2.2017 02:36

Just what I needed! Thank you, Jana. The Surf Life is a good life.

4.2.2017 13:30

Wonderful thoughts Jana! Thank you for bringing this moment of mindfulness! :-)

5.2.2017 07:33

Thanks for stepping by, Lutz! We're all playing together :-)

5.2.2017 07:38

Glad the timing worked again, Vicki! Always a joy & adventure to surf the waves with a soul mate by our side ;)