What's the best?

October 20th, 2016

Instead of asking yourself why… ask yourself why not?
Instead of “what’s the worst that can happen“… imagine “what’s the best that can happen“?

We don’t experience more flow in life by hating stress and struggle; we get flow by loving flow.

What activities put you into that magical creative state? What lets you forget about you…but instead lets you fully immerse into what it is you are doing?

Imagine flow like a junction of two rivers – the stream of your capability and the energy of a challenge that’s present. Most of us like to learn. And we all wish to spend our time on something meaningful.

So the key question is:
How can you grow your skill WHILE simultaneously helping someone else or even creating something that matters to you? What can you do now to dive into some flow today?

And while you’re on it, tell me:

What’s the best that can happen as a result?

Now let the best come true,